That girl

I can’t help but fantasize about that girl, the kind of girl I’d like to have by my side. I’m quite certain I might never find somebody like that but she still exists on my dreams.

That girl is an intelligent person I can speak with about anything because if she doesn’t know she is willing to listen and learn.

That girl is independent and has no more need of me that I have of her.

That girl has something bigger to fight for and wishes to leave behind a better world.

That girl enjoys doing stuff with me. She may or may not be better than me at what we do together but it doesn’t matter because the point is doing it together.

That girl is there to listen my ramblings when I have a bad day and is not worried of sharing her worries with me when she does.

That girl might not be the smartest but always shares her point of view and tries to show the things you can’t see by yourself.

That girl has knack for knowledge and likes learning new things and sharing this knowledge with others.

And maybe that girl likes the same things I do, things like computers, free software or coding cool stuff.

I might never find that girl but I can still keep dreaming.