Live stream @ Guadec

Although unofficially I’ll do my best to allow those who aren’t on Guadec be as near of there as possible.

For that, I’ll do my best to make a live video stream on the speeches and events I assist usingmy webcam. I know there may be a bit of lag between video and audio (that’s normal and hard to avoid). And that there will be a huge (around 5 to 15 seconds) lag on the video which I hope doesn’t disturbs you.

You’d be able to watch the video stream on: I hope you enjoy it.

BTW: I want all the people going to guadec join our Key Signing Party, so… What are you waiting for? Join here!

UPDATE: Due to network instability is imposible to hold a stream 🙁 anyway I’m recording the speeches and I’ll try to upload them later.