Back fron Guadec

I have to say that although I was back since Moday 14th I have been really busy with things I had to have done during Guadec (like meetings) and with a few things related to Radio Campus and the Hortanet and Campus Party Speeches.

Now let’s say a few things on Guadec.

The first thing I have to say is that I’m angry at some things related to refunds. Although Baris told me they’ll refund me only a part of the plane tickets (around 300€) he finally seemed to forget about it and now I’m left with only 50€ for the rest of the summer.

Said that, let’s go with the nice things.

All the people I met there was nice and has been responsible of definitely gnomify me I’ll never thank enough Rodrigo Molla for suggesting me on Guademy to go to Guadec. I’d like to give special thanks to Lefty for his niceness, Mart and Muelli for coming to the key signing party, the band people for letting me to record them, Diego Escalante (for lending me his passport to exchange those €), Gil(for being so nice), Quim (for lending me some lira to eat something), Federico (for being so kind to discuss my style free widgets idea), Miguel (for being so cool and talking to me) and all the spanish speaking people I met because you were so nice and sometimes served me as improvised translators to help me with my english issues, to all the people on the organization for being so cool and doing such an effort (although I’m still angry with the thing I said before) to the Lead developer of amsn for his time to hear my rants, to all the Web Kit and gstreamer developers for convincing me to use their projects into Kjabata (I promise I’ll work on a nice GTK+ GUI when I get the core separated from the actual GUI and deQTify it a bit), and generally to everybody I met (or met again) in Guadec.

I have to say that I really liked the speeches, specially the go to talkto the talker after them. I think my speech was cool and nice and I’d neverthank behdad nor Dave (and anyone which could be at guadec papers whose identity is unknown to me) for letting me give it. I hope all you liked the talk.

People seemed very supportive with the idea of mounting a video streaming + instant messaging system like the one we did at Guademy on future Guadecs. When I get a free time I’ll send the people on Gran Canaria (which gave me a contact address) a formal project with the idea so I can be there making it true.

Things I owe: I owe Olav a sample non keyring dependant gpg authentification script. I still owe a few beers, just can’t remember who I owe them. I owe a video on the Band play, I’ll put my hands on it when I get a bit of time. I owe Federico giving a look to the GTK code in order to use it for a previous of my theme independant widget system) but this will be in a longer term.

I reall hope to meet you again next year (or before).

BTW: I still miss my orange notebook which had lots of notes on some projects. If someone has seen it, please tell me.